Technopôle Angus, Montréal, 2021

Provencher Roy


Project description

Located at the heart of Montreal, in the Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie borough, this green neighbourhood is a healthy, vibrant environment for businesses, workers and residents.
This sustainable development eco-district project houses an energy looping and rainwater filtration system that will appeal to residents and provide affordable social housing in East Montreal.

Technopôle Angus offers commercial and office rental space adapted to business needs. It has all the amenities that favour entrepreneurial development and a good quality of life for workers and residents. This well-designed urban environment provides all services within five minutes’ walking distance.

All Technopôle premises are LEED or BOMA BEST-certified meaning that they are energy efficient. This translates into significant savings on energy bills. The buildings offer plenty of windowing, optimal space allocation and superior air quality.

25% green space
– Beautiful outdoor living spaces
– A tree-lined pedestrian walkway
– An urban forest
– Two public squares
– Eco-friendly corridors for biodiversity

Reinvented water management
– 95% rainwater reuse
– Instead of allowing water to escape into the municipal network, rainwater is collected and reused for toilet water, watering gardens and landscape features, washing cars, etc.
– 40% reduction in potable water consumption

Innovative energy looping
– An energy looping system shared by all buildings on the site distributes masses of hot and cold air according to the needs of each space
– A 40% reduction in energy consumption in buildings
– A reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions


In all, 92,000 sq. ft. of Hexagon 80 pavers will be installed there. The project, which is already underway, will be installed in three phases spread over three years and completed in 2023.

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